Gävle-Axmartavlan possible next step for the New East Coast Line?

19 May, 2015

The first phase of the New East Coast Line consists of 9 km track Sundsvall to Njurunda. The next stage to be included in the national plan for transport infrastructure may be the route Gävle to Axmartavlan according to the newspaper Hela Hälsingland. (helahalsingland.se).

The railway between Gävle and Sundsvall is one of Sweden’s busiest single track. An expansion to double track and a new connection to Härnösand is crucial for both freight and passenger traffic throughout northern Sweden. The route is a priority at European level but necessary decisions at national level lingers. At the moment there are only 9 kilometers in the National plan för transport infrastructure. Now the track between Gävle and Axmartavlan is mentioned as a possible phase 2.

”It is possible that something is included after the year of 2025” says Harald Knutsen, community planner at Gävle municipality, to the newspaper Hela Hälsingland (helahalsingland.se).

Efforts to produce background material for the next national plan for the transport system 2018 – 2029 has begun. It is in this work that an additional stage of the New East Coast line is at the table at the Transport Administration. This according to discussions at a meeting between Gävle kommun och the Transport Administration that included dubble track on the East Coast Line. Gävle to Axmartavlan is the next phase because of possible connections to the existing railway in Axmartavlan according to Harald Knutsen.

The Swedish Transport Administration points out to the newspaper that nothing is decided but they usually starts whit exit routes from major cities because ”it gives the most effect” according to Stefan Karlsson, strategic planners, to Hela Hälsingland

Read the full article here: helahalsingland.se

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