A milestone – ScanMed corridor to be extended to northern Sweden

22 March, 2018

Infrastructure Minister Tomas Eneroth announced February 21, 2018 that Sweden has submitted a request to the European Commission to extend the Scandinavian-Mediterranean (ScanMed) Corridor to northern Sweden and along the section Örebro-Oslo.

– I have sent a request to the European Commission to extend the ScanMed Corridor that today ends in Stockholm. We want to show that we are a government for all of Sweden, so it is important to show that we also take responsibility for a good infrastructure, also in Northern Sweden, Infrastructure Minister Tomas Eneroth (S) said to SVT, the Swedish Broadcasting company.

The extension of Scandinavia-Mediterranean Core Network Corridor will stretch along the coast line in northern Sweden including the East Coast Line and the North Bothnia Line, and further along the Iron Ore Line to SE-NO border and through the Haparanda Line to the border passage SE-FI at Haparanda- Tornio. The extension will include the Bothnian Corridor in its entirety.

– The extension is important for several infrastructure projects, especially in northern Sweden. If the proposal is realized, this will enable us to apply for co-funding from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). CEF gives priority to Core Network Corridors, towards which 80% of the CEF budget today and also anticipated post2020 is allocated to projects along the Core Network Corridors. The extension also provides an opportunity for the concerned regions to cooperate in the trans-European transport cooperation, Infrastructure Minister Tomas Eneroth said.

– There is a strong interest to extend the ScanMed from regional players and I am therefore happy to be able to deliver this message today. I have good hopes that the European Commission will take a positive stand to the Swedish request – not least as there is also a strong Finnish interest in the extension question, Minister of Infrastructure Tomas Eneroth, concluded.

The extension will bring about added value and for the development of the transport system in both north-south and east-west directions.

– We are very glad by the decision from the Swedish Government. The extension is vital. It imposes further steps to bring Sweden closer i.e. by hitting the button to start the works on the North Bothnia line and the New East Coast Line, says Erik Bergkvist (S), regional council at Region Västerbotten.

– The collaboration between the regions along the Bothnian corridor in Sweden, Finland ant together with our Norwegian counterparts have made this possible. Our part of the European union is vital for the entire unions economy and therefore welfare. By extending the corridors in both Sweden and Finland the European union makes it easier to take part of the values created in our regions, like the supply of raw materials, industrial products, creative businesses and tourism. Now we will be able to develop the transport system north to south, east to west, together with stakeholders from all part of the union, says Joakim Berg, project manager for the Bothnian corridor collaboration.

Read more about the impacts and importance of the extension at North Sweden European Office, northsweden.eu

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