The strong growth in the economy of northern Europe has a significant impact on the economy in the European Union


A considerable part of EU ́s supply of primary goods originates from the industry in northern Europe. The growth is strong and the net export values are very important for the Swedish as well as the European economy. EU’s supply of strategic resources and goods is a vital issue and is therefore given much attention. The industry in northern Sweden and Finland are very important in many industrial areas, especially the dominating forest-based and mining/metal industries.

Sweden’s industrial production value in the northern parts has, between 2001-2006 increased by 17,3 percent, compared to a national increase by 10,9 percent. The industry accounts for 18 billion Euros worth of value. After industrial refinement, a large portion of this is exported.

The industrial production value in the north of Finland increased during the same period with 28 percent, compared to a national increase of 20 percent. The Finnish production value of 2007 was 33 billion Euros.

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