Bothnian Corridor and Scan-Med CNC goals

The TEN-T regulation defines the infrastructure requirements for the core network (EU/1315/2013 article 39) which for the CNC’s are monitored by the corridor coordinators. For this a number of key performance indicators are used which are reported in the yearly corridor work plans. In this section we have as far as possible drafted the current status for the mostcommon KPI’s for the Bothnian Corridor extension of the Scand-Med CNC.

Table 2: Performance of the Scand-Med CNC and the Bothnian Corridor

The table is an extend version of a table in the Scan-Med 3rd corridor work plan.

5. 16 new LNG fuelling stations will be implemented in 2018-19 by Gasum AB along the Swedish Scan-Med corridor, including in all the NUTS 3 regions included in Bothnian Corridor.
6. In most ports along the Bothnian Corridor mobile transports of waste to destruction are used

Whereas the standard of the main roads along the corridor (E4 and E10) are in general high, with only few exceptions, the railway infrastructure has several severe bottlenecks and missing links. Historically, the railways in northern Sweden were built away from the coast line for security reasons in case of war, while today the industries in need of the railways and the main cities are located along the coast of the Bothnian Gulf.

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