Geography of the Botnian Corridor

The Bothnian Corridor at the Swedish side, covers more than 2/3 of Sweden, from Stockholm and Örebro up to the border to Finland in Haparanda/Torneå and the border to Norway in the west, in practice to the port of Narvik. The estimated length of the railway parts of the Bothnian extension is 1,917 km to be added to the current Scand-Med length in Sweden of 1,462 km and the total Scand-Med CNC length of 9,373 km.

The railway infrastructure in the Bothnian Corridor comprises several main railway stretches with various standards. The newest sections are the Bothnia Line and the Haparanda Line. The North Bothnia Line is planned to be built between 2018-2030. For the East Coast Line and Malmbanan Line there are continuous work for increased capacity, but both need double track, due to capacity constraints.

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