The Bothnian Corridor
connects north and south,
east and west!

Do you want to reach all parts of the EU?
Do you want to visit the Arctic, without emissions?
Then you should support the Bothnian Corridor!

The Bothnian Corridor is a strategically important link within the transnational transport system of goods in Northern Europe.

It stretches out on both the Swedish and the Finnish side of the Bothnian Gulf. It connects east-westbound and north-southbound transnational links in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Russia.

From 2021the The Bothnian Corridor is a part of the Scandinavian–Mediterranian and North Sea Baltic Core Network Corridors. Together with the TEN-T comprehensive network this strenghtens EU:s competetive strenght and its citizens.

Welcome to take part of our arguments and know-how about the fast growing, green, northern parts of Europe.

Take part of position paper within the work of the review of the TEN-T regulation – (english version) – pdf open in new window


With the Bothnian Corridor completed, travel time will be reduced to half of todays. Trippeling labour markets in size.


There is wide political support for investments in the Bothnian Corridor. Construction ongoing to remove major bottlenecks.


EU and the Member States are aming for a completion of the TEN-T to 2030. Bothnian Corridor is a vital component to reaching the goals of the TEN-T.

Zero CO2-emissions by 2030

With the European Green deal, the Paris Agreement and the Climate law in Sweden there is strong support for reduced emissions. That require more rail. Therefore  investments in the Bothnian Corridor are a smart climate action!

Vital part of the value chain

The supply of raw materials is a vital part of the value chain within the EU. A large part of the supply comes from Northern Europe. That’s why Bothnian Corridor is a part the TEN-T Core Network!

Growth for all EU members – everywhere

Sweden is a large and sparsely populated area and at the same time innovation pioners with world leading industry. With good connections for both people and goods, Northern Europe can continue to support the EU and Swedish economy and growth.

Fast connections mean more jobs

The northern parts of Sweden are perfect for fast train connections. The cities are located like a string of pearls along the Corridor. With the infrastructure in place, it will take around 1 hour between city centers. Perfect for both commuters and visitors!

The European Green deal in action. In northern Sweden, you will find some of the most innovative and industry-leading companies in the world. Investing in new green technology and energy.

2 500

lorries pass along the coast of northern Sweden each day. Without better rail capacity that will increase with 40 percent to 2040

1 000 000

trips per year will be shifted to rail if the rail capacity and speed are increased.

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